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2018 Track Season

Practice for high school track begins March 12th at 3:45 and goes until 5:45. Junior High track will start April 16th same times as the high school track team. The head coach is Verna Jessen and the junior high coach is Angie Matovich.

Track is a great sport that makes you better at all of the other sports that you play. It teaches agility, mobility, and body control. It is also a great opportunity to compete against yourself and work hard to improve your confidence. Track isn’t a high pressure sport so the participants can go at their own pace to improve at the events they choose to compete. Track is a social sport. Athletes will have the opportunity to meet many people from other schools while they are waiting for their event.

As the coach, I try to make track fun while at the same time encouraging athletes to push themselves to improve physically and mentally. I always tell the kids that I can give them drills to improve, but THEY have to put the effort into the drill if they want to improve. As the coach, I will encourage them in every event they participate and I will search for drills that will make them better.

What do I expect from the athletes? A great attitude, a willingness to work hard, and that they are positive to the other people on the team and themselves. With these 3 qualities, they will achieve great things in track and they will end the season feeling successful.

Head Coach
Verna Jessen